Mix Guidelines

What to expect

There are many misconceptions about what is included when you get a song mixed in a recording studio. Here at Sound House, our mission is to always go the extra mile and in a few cases, that has left us getting burned. So in total transparency, here is what to expect when you are getting your song mixed at Sound House:

  • We accept recorded tracks via USB drive or external hard drive. You can also send them electronically through Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. So you pretty much do not even have to live in the city where the studio is located.

    • All tracks should be exported out as 24/44.1 WAV files. If your recording software allows for 32/44.1 you can do that as well.

    • The recording softwares that we use in the studio are Pro Tools and Logic.

      • If you recorded your tracks in either one of these softwares, then it is encouraged to asl send the session files along with the exported tracks.

  • The tracks should be “dry” and every track should be zeroed out so that everything is lined up correctly.

    • If tracks are not zeroed out, the tracks will not be lined up correctly. This could be tedious for the engineer and would be classified as EDITING.

    • EDITING is a completely separate service from mixing and will be charged at the hourly rate.

      • $40/hr for the assistant or $60/hr for the producer.

  • For every mix, you are allowed up to 3 mix revisions. This allows us to get feedback and to make sure that you are happy with the mixes you are getting.

    • It is pretty rare for anyone to go beyond 3 revisions.

  • REMEMBER, we work with the tracks that are given. So if your tracks are poorly recorded or edited, no amount of high level creative mixing is going to make your song sound better. The term “fix it in the mix” doesn’t work in the long run. The best advice that I can give is to really work hard on your song arrangements and record your tracks as best as possible.

  • As mentioned before, we can edit your tracks for an additional charge that is charged at an hourly rate ($40/hr for the assistant or $60/hr for the producer). This includes:

    • Drum editing and pocketing or comping.

    • Cleaning and scrubbing tracks of unwanted noises.

    • Arrangement modification to the song

  • There is one of our editing services that is purchased a la carte style and that is vocal tuning.

    • Vocal tuning is $10/vocal

  • You also have the option to add more instrumentation to your song whether it be by session musicians or virtual instruments.

    • The session musician that track at the studio are some of the most talented people I know and can get you a track put together extremely fast.

    • Prices range from $50-$75 a track per session musician

      • ex: If you are needing drums, bass, and guitars tracked for your song, it can cost $150.